7 important responsibilities of the Supervisors


7 important responsibilities of the Supervisors are:

Supervisors generally have seven basic supervisory responsibilities.

1. Production:


Achieving production is the major responsibility of the supervisor. Production may be a product or a service or a clerical work. The supervisor’s job is to accomplish production with the resources available.

2. Quality:

In the present competitive environment, caring for the quality of the product that the supervisor is in charge is the second important responsibility of himself. Supervisor is the key person in stimulating quality consciousness and job pride in the work force.

3. Costs:


To see that the work of his unit is accomplished with the lowest possible expenditure is his third important concern. He is expected to strive through cost control and cost reduction to contribute in any way possible to the profit of the firm.

4. Methods:

Production costs and quality are all aided by using the most efficient methods. Effective supervision must continually seek easier and better ways of doing work. Work methods that waste time, efforts, suppliers, material and tools are to be analysed and improved by him.

5. Morale:


The responsibility for high morale and an enthusiastic work force lies essentially with the supervisor. Good morale does not happen by chance. It brings with a supervisor who is sensitive to the feeling of subordinates.

6. Training:

A characteristic of any new employee is eagerness to do a good job. With proper training, this eagerness can be cultivated and maintained. Hence training the subordinates is the sixth most important responsibility of the supervisor.

7. Safety:


Minimizing risks and hazards in work areas is the interest and desire of all management, but it falls to the first – level supervisor to see that the safest possible working conditions are maintained. Hence the supervisor’s seventh responsibility is to be familiar with and to enforce the mandatory safety regulations.

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