10 important Objectives of Human Resource Accounting


10 important Objectives of Human Resource Accounting are as follows:

a. To facilitate effective and efficient management within an organisation for human resources.

b. To provide information of changes in the structure of manpower to the management.


c. To provide basis to the future investors in making better decisions about investment in human resources.

d. To provide qualitative information on human resources. (HR)

e. To measure the costs incurred on human resources by firms.

f. To evaluate the return on investment on human capital.


g. To communicate the organisation and the public at large about the worth of human resources of an organisation.

h. To know whether the human resources have been properly utilised and allocated.

i. To help the persons interested in the human resources are giving a return equivalent to their worth or not.

j. To help in development of Management principles by clarifying the financial consequences of the various practices.

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