Write a letter to the Postmaster complaining against the post­man of your delivery zone


64 D Kamla Nagar


13 March, 2….



The Postmaster

Malka Ganj Post Office.

Delhi Sir,


I beg to draw your kind attention towards the negligence of duty of Kuldeep Singh, the postman of our zone.

He does not deliver the dak in time. He is often late which some­times causes a great loss to us. Moreover, he does not deliver the dak properly.

There is a letter box on the main door of our home but he never drops the letter into it. He throws them near the gate or some­times hands them to the children playing nearby. In this way most of the letters are lost.

I have requested him several times to deliver the dak properly and in time but he always turned deaf ear to my request. Such a state is a bad name on the fair name of Postal Department.


I therefore request you to take necessary action against him. Thanking you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Ashok Kumar

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