Write a letter to a stationer, ordering some articles you require for your office


Write a letter to a stationer, ordering some articles you require for your office.


M/S Express Stationers,


12, Printo Street,



I shall be obliged if you arrange to send us the following articles at your earliest convenience. Please put them down to our account and send us the bill. In case you send them by rail, kindly send us the railway receipt to facilitate their delivery.


12 quires of ruled foolscap paper.

6 quires of ‘kores’ carbon paper.

8 reams of duplicating paper.

12 tubes of Hi-Hi Fast Drying Duplicating Ink (Prima Industries, Bombay).


4 quires of “Dry Type” stencil papers.

Yours faithfully,

Dinker Pandit, (Manager)

List of Important Business Letters


1. Write to a customer a satisfactory letter about an item not in stock.

2. Write a letter to a radio-dealer. Make a complaint about: a set recently bought by you.

3. Write a letter to a garage proprietor who has sent you an exorbitant bill for repairs.

4. Write a letter to a business firm, pointing out that an account they have sent you has already been settled.


5. Write a letter to a firm of Estate Agents, telling them that you wish to buy a house in the country, but within 10 miles of your town/city, and asking them to let you know of any suitable properties they have on their books.

6. To your Customers. Draft a circular drawing their attention to your new stocks of ball-point pens.

7. Write a letter to an electric company, asking for an estimate of the cost of installing electric light in your house.

8. Write a letter to a hotel owner at a hill-resort, inquiring about charges and stating accommodation needed.

9. An automobile concern in a big city is supplying foreign spare parts to smaller concerns in the districts. He writes a letter to an upcountry concern, regretting his inability to execute an order for certain spare parts and explaining his reasons.

10. Write a letter to an Agency asking for particulars of a Kashmir tour they are advertising for students.

11. Write a letter applying for the sole agency of an electric fan.

12. Write a letter to a business firm, complaining that certain articles ordered by you have been received in a damaged condition.

13. Suppose you are a Life Insurance Agent. Write to a friend, pointing out the benefits of taking out a life policy.

14. Send the last reminder to a customer for a bill overdue, and threaten to take steps unless it is paid by a certain date.

15. You are a retail shopkeeper dealing in cigarettes. Send an order for goods to a wholesaler, and explain how the goods are to be sent and the payment made.

16. You wish to buy certain sports-goods. Write a letter to a sports-goods Dealer giving particulars of your requirements and requesting him to supply the goods as early as possible.

17. To an advertiser who has a camera for sale. You would like to buy it. Write a suitable letter.

(d) Letters to Newspapers

These letters express the writers’ personal opinions on topical subjects. They often air people’s grievances and complaints against public authorities and social evils.

The address and the date should be written as in other kinds of letter. This is followed by ‘To’ and ‘The Editor’ etc. in separate lines at the left side of the page. The proper salutation is ‘Sir,’ and the subscription ‘Yours truly.’

When a letter is printed in a newspaper, only the place and the date are mentioned below the letter at the left side. But while writing such a letter, one should mention one’s complete address, preferably at the top right- hand corner of the page.

The language of letters to newspapers should be brief, vigorous, and to the point. The best way of learning to write such letters is to study the actual letters published in the correspondence columns of newspapers.

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