How to write General Sales Letter?



1. We are large scale manufacturers of leaf-springs and coil-springs and are taking the liberty of sending you a copy of our latest catalogue and price-list.


2. As you are our regular customer we have decided to make you a special offer.

3. We hope you will be interested in our latest plastic goods we have introduced in the market on the terms and conditions mentioned in the catalogue.

4. Having just made a special purchase of ready-made shirts on very favorable terms we are able to offer them to you at very attractive prices.

5. We have recently bought a large quantity of antique pieces at very attractive terms. And, we can offer them to you are very reasonable prices.



6. We hope you will take full advantage of this exceptional offer.

7. We look forward to a large order from you.

8. We are offering you articles of the highest quality at a very reasonable price and hope you will take the opportunity to try it out.


9. We know that heavy demand of our books exists in the market. And so you will find an easy market for them.

10. We shall be pleased to send our representative to you on receipt of the enclosed enquiry form duly filled in.

11. We shall be pleased to welcome you to our show-room at any time to give you a demonstration.

Visits by Salesmen


Travelling salesmen are an asset to any company. They help to give a boost to the sales and popularize company’s products. Very often they go out of station to explore markets. Thus, it is advisable that their visits are preceded by letters of introduction or details intimating about their visits.

Sometimes even senior officers of the company make business trips to further business interests. And in this context such letters acquire greater significance.

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