It’s All About Journalism! – Essay


It’s Sunday Morning, Wow! Beginning of yet another weekend, time to unwind from the hectic schedule. Looking forward to an unhurried breakfast. So the first thing we like to do is grab a newspaper and have a sip of tea, sitting cosily on a couch.

A newspaper brings the whole world in our hand. Apart from newspaper, we have electronic media (TV, Internet) as well, from where we gain information about the latest updates across the world.

But have we ever given a serious thought as to who brings these latest updates from across the world to you. A whole set of people is working behind the scene to bring in the latest updates from across the world on your table each morning. It’s all about journalism. Journalism is all about collecting information and disseminating the facts to a larger mass via print, television and internet. This is the main aim of journalism.


As it is truly said “Pen is mightier than the sword.” Today’s generation is attracted towards journalism. Journalism includes investigating, analysing and reporting local as well as world events, trends, current affairs, and so on.

A journalist has to present news in a manner which is thought provoking, unbiased and informative. A journalist is the one who collects information, reports the facts and distributes it to larger masses through proper channel.

Purpose of journalism is to inform and explain a particular subject to larger masses. A journalist has to be unbiased and project only truth. A newspaper covers national/international news, crime coverage, latest on technology, cinema, fashion and lifestyle. A journalist has to keep himself updated with all the current events that is happening around him as well as the whole world.

Journalism is quite an interesting career for those who have an inquisitive and investigative mind. You get paid to learn new things, which is really exciting. Some noted journalists of our country are Dr. Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Vikram Chandra, Shireen Bhan & Udhayan Mukherjee.



Journalism courses are offered both at graduation as well as postgraduation levels. To pursue journalism, one can complete a Bachelor’s degree in mass communication/ mass media/journalism after +2. After completion in a related graduation field, one can join a Master’s degree in journalism or mass communication. A graduate (who has a flair for writing) from any other field can also opt for a postgraduate course in journalism.

Skills required:

Alertness, adaptive, tolerant of changing as well as difficult situations and last but not the least good communication skills Also, command over language, confidence, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance, the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, adhering to deadlines, team cohesiveness, sensitivity to different views and lifestyle, in-depth knowledge about various fields such as politics, culture, religion, social and current affairs. The most important fact is that people generally feel that journalism is all about writing. It is. However, it is also about reading and most importantly, the ability to express one’s thoughts on varied topics. Journalism is for people who are ready to explore various opportunities 24/7, without the constraints of cultural upbringing, gender and are also ready to go beyond geographical boundaries.


A journalist has got a lot of power in his hands. And it should be used for the development of a nation and betterment of the mankind.

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