176 Words Essay on the importance of Punctuality for kids


Punctuality means doing something at the time fixed for it. It is the secret of success in life. Most of the great men in the world are known for their punctuality. They knew the value of time, and seized the opportunity to use it properly.

They were aware of the fact that time does not wait for anyone. One should make the best use of time. Punctuality can help one to utilize one’s time properly. A punctual person considers every work as important. He keeps his words, and cannot afford to lose his goodwill. By being punctual, he is disciplined, too. He can be trusted with any kind of responsibility.

An unpunctual person misses many things in life. He is not generally relied on by people for performing responsible job. For having an unpunctual habit, he is likely to miss his train or flight, or a business appointment or deal that could fetch him benefit. We should form a sense of punctuality, and a punctual habit from our childhood, for our own benefit in future life.

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