What were the Press Reforms made by Kamal Pasha for the formulation of Modern Turkey?


Kamal also contributed to the development of a Turk­ish press which wielded great political power and possessed great educa­tional value. The Press was organized along European lines and had its press correspondents in all the important European capitals to supply reliable information.

A Government Telegraphic Agency was also estab­lished to supply the press latest news. The introduction of Latin alphabets on 1 January 1929 also greatly contributed to the growth of press by reducing the cost of printing. As a result of all these efforts the number of newspapers and periodicals showed steady increase. The character of press also underwent great transformation.

Whereas the earlier papers and periodicals were devoted to literary criticism, the newspapers and periodicals dealt with numerous aspects £uch as science, art, social life and even political issues. The magazines for children were also introduced. As a result the press came to play role of great educator.

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