What was the role of Dudumiyan in the Ferazi movement?


In the name of religion Dudumiyan (1840) made a fervent call to the peasants’ of the Ferazi community to rise against the oppressive acts of the zamindars, indigo planters and money-lenders.

Dudumiyan declared that Allah being the real owner of the land, the zaminders had no right of levying taxes on the ryots (cultivators, tenants or peasants).

The zamindars of the Eastern Bengal being apprehensive of the design on the ferazis under the leadership of udumiyan made a common cause and further increased oppression on the peasants who had Ferazi leanings.


This further deteriorated the situation and armed clashes took place between the zamindars and the Ferazis (1840-47). The Ferazi rebels did not even spare any indigo factories.

This was how the Ferazis had raised the banner of protest against the oppressors. The limitation from which the Ferazis had suffered was that the movement was confined to the Ferazi sect of the Muslims and hardly spread among the Hindus.

The Ferazi movement did not have any anti-British character.

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