How was the Relationship between Akbar and the Portuguese


In his dealings with the Portuguese, it was found by Akbar that it was not an easy job to drive them out from India. Akbar was very much upset on account of the Portuguese behaviour on the Arabian Sea, their interference with Indian shipping and their policy of religious persecution, particularly against the Muslims.

The Deccan States had tried to subjugate the Portuguese but had failed. In 1569-70, the Rulers of Ahmednagar, Bijapur and the Zamorin made a united effort to defeat the Portuguese but they failed. In 1580, the Sultan of Bijapur lost Goa to the Portuguese and all the Muslim men, women and children were butchered. In 1509, the Portuguese won a decisive victory over the combined fleets of the Gujaratis and Egyptians.

In 1530, they sacked and burnt the towns of Rander and Surat. In 1531, they starved Diu and killed everyone on that island. The eastern fleet of Ottoman, Sultan Sulaiman was defeated by Portuguese during the period 1551-54. In 1558, they got the port of Daman.


When Gujarat was conquered by Akbar, he found the Portuguese well established all along the Western coast of India. In 1575, the Portuguese interfered with the Royal aunt and ladies who were on a pilgrimage to Mecca. An attempt was made to recover Daman in 1582 but the same failed.

The Portuguese tried to plunder Surat but the same was saved by the timely arrival of Mughal army. Akbar could deal with the Portuguese only if he could build up a strong navy and as he could not do so, the Portguese power could not be destroyed.

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