Essay on the Influence of Extremists Movement of Indian People


The extremist nationalists had added a glorious chapter to the history of Indian national movement. They had taught people self-confidence and self-reliance. They had prepared the social base of the movement to include the lower middle classes, students, youth and women. They had introduced new methods of political organization and new modes of waging political struggles.

The revolutionaries set an example of sacrifice and selflessness before the common people of the country. They sacrificed their homes, families, and bright careers on the altar of the country. They struck such a terror in the minds of the British officers that they were forced to mend their unjust, cruel and naughty ways and treat Indians judiciously.

The revolutionary terrorism boosted the morale of the people. Whenever the revolutionaries challenged the authority of the British Government people felt relieved. They thought that at least there were some people who could punish the British for all their atrocities. This developed a spirit of self-confidence and self-pride among the people of India. They forced the British Government to introduce some reforms to keep the public away from the influence of the revolutionaries.

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