Uses of Globes in Teaching Geography


A globe is a real necessity, science it is the true model of earth. It is essential in all stages of Geography teaching. It emphasizes the physical unity of the world and shows how one part is related to all the rest. Its value in showing the relations of the continents and oceans, the direction of one part of the world from another, the climate and vegetation distribution over the world, the earth’s movement, day and night, the seasons, the latitude and longitude goes without any question.

A Geography Room or the Geography Laboratory must have a globe. It is a small model of our big earth. In fact, a globe is the only correct representation of the earth in miniature, almost in every respect. The varieties of world maps that we commonly use are inaccurate in certain aspects. And as such, a globe should be large enough to be seen clearly by each pupil. For the class use, globe should be as large as 19″ in diameter and as small as 4″ in diameter for personal use.

Truly speaking, a globe is indispensable for geography teaching. That is because, it always conveys the impression that the earth is round and it is revolving round its axis. Globes should be kept and use in order to remove the wrong impressions created by the constant use of flat maps about the shape of the earth, the parallels of latitude and meridians. It goes without saying that globes serve to illustrate the oneness of the world and to teach pupils what meridians and parallels of latitude are and why there are differences in the time of day.


On a globe are marked the chief features of the earth, viz. the continents, countries, islands oceans lakes, rivers, mountains etc. to show their relative size, situation and distance. Similarly, the lines of latitude and longitude, the Equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Arctic and Antarctic circles are also shown on bold lines.

There are various types of globes, made of wood, plastic, plaster or rubber. Some of them have smooth surfaces, while others are molded to show the continents and the depth of oceans. Some globes might have slate surface on which it is possible to draw in chalk. Only by the help globe, the spherical form of the earth can be represented. On that account, it should be used frequently especially in junior classes to make them understand the exaggerations the wrong notions provided by the constant use of flat wall-maps. It is impossible to obtain a clear picture of the earth by using only a flat map of the world. Flat maps also are very necessary, but globes must be used in order t9 see clearly what the maps are meant to represent.

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