What are the advantages of the process of Transplantation in Agriculture ?


There are certain crops such as paddy, and many vegetables such as tomatoes, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower and chilies, which are not grown by sowing the seeds directly in the field. In such cases, it is necessary to prepare a nursery or a seedbed separately in apart of the field. After the seeds grow into little seedlings (small plants), they are transplanted in the main field. During transplantation, only healthy seedlings are selected and are planted at regular proper intervals (spacings) in the main field. The process of replanting the seedlings from the nursery in the main field is called Transplantation.

The process of transplantation in crop production has the following advantages:

1. It enables us to select only healthy seedlings for the plants.


2. The process of transplantation promotes better penetration of roots in the soil.

3. It promotes better development of shoot system of plants.

4. The process of transplantation enables us to plant the seedlings at the right spacing so as to ensure the uniform availability of water, nutrients and sunlight to the plants.

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