What are the safety precautions for Industrial and Technological Disasters?


There is always a set of laws, rules, regulations, “Do’s & Don’ts” for every activity of rules for road traffic, handling electricity, domestic cooking gas, etc. exist. Accidents still keep on happening due to negligence or system failure.

Appropriate safety precautions and preventive measures are necessary to reduce the risk. This becomes all the more essential because with the passing of years, every industry is subjected to the following natural Depreciative Factors:

a) Ageing of Machinery & process,


b) Growing Complancency arising mostly out of automation in modern Industry,

c) Needless Discontent in the employees leading their minds astray,

d) Less Integrity & Sincerity.

Hence, it is necessary to take appropriate preventive action on these aspects as an integral part of the programme to ensure adequate safety precautions.


Although it does not seem possible to rule out industrial or technological disasters totally, it is absolutely essential for everyone associated with hazardous industry – from within and without – to train one’s mind for endeavouring utmost safety through lectures, talks, demonstrations, regular drills, civil defense (against enemy air attack), strict enforcement of safety rules without any compromise and tight security (against Sabotage).

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