628 Words Free Sample Essay on my Ambition


Ambition is an intense desire to achieve something or become someone as we grow. Having an ambition is something wonderful as, it keeps propelling us to working towards our goal.

My ambition is to become a world renowned cricketer like my ideal Sachin Tendulkar. I love to read all about him, see him wherever I can even if it be just in an advertisement on the television.

Rest assured I cannot afford to miss a single game of cricket that he is to play. In order to understand more about his success story, I try to collect all kinds of information about him, his childhood, and his background, his love for the game and how and when he started entering the arena of cricket.


All this I do because I believe that a man’s success lies within his character, conduct and upbringing. With this in mind, I always read whatever matter I get about his life, his family, his education and his success story.

Now, all this knowledge will not take me to my goal or the fulfilment of my ambition. This will only enrich me with all the knowledge of his successes and lead me on to the track.

In order to achieve my target I know that I have to work very hard for it is hard work only that takes all people to their goals. Towards the accomplishing of my target, I have been playing cricket for the last three years since I was just eight years old the game itself, the intricacies of the game, how to win a game, I am learning.

The achievement of the last three years effort has been that, I have become a member of the junior team of cricket in the school. I am trying my best to play a good game, practising batting which I love and do fairly well now. However, it is known to me that to be a good player, I have to be a good bowler also and do fielding too.


These I find a little boring but, when I realise that they have to be done to reach my target, I get enthused to do these jobs also fairly well. They still come in the way of achieving my target of being a good cricket player. As I continue to play daily, I feel that my game is improving and the same is told to me by my friends who observe my game every day, and this gives me a further boost

I now make it a point that, inspite of the daily load of homework, classwork and extra curricular activities, I devote plenty of time daily at least two hours to my favourite game.

The effort is on and I know it has to continue unceasingly in order to achieve my life’s ambition. The goal is far off and the road too long and difficult.

The desire in my heart and head is so intense that, it gives me a thrill and a boost towards work whenever I think of it. The possibility of becoming like Sachin some day gives me the desired dose of excitement and enthusiasm to live to work and to achieve.


This is what ambition is all about. The thought of the ambition being fulfilled keeps me going, and I am sure it will keep me propelled till, one day my name appears like Sachin’s does today.

That day I will be coupled with the name of Sachin. I will be well known throughout the cricket world and the world at large. I will have fans all over the world like Sachin has today – Oh! That day will be the best day of my life. I will keep working towards that day, till I achieve it.

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