Short essay on Controlling Noise Pollution


The problem of noise pollution needs solu­tion at individual, community and government lev­els. On the one hand, it needs people awareness and education, on the other hand, needs strict enforce­ment of laws and programmes by the community and the government. Noise abatement programmes fo­cus attention on noise reduction and noise control.

Intensity of noise may be reduced by enclosure of machinery with sound absorbing materials and by replacing the noise producing machines with quiet alternatives. Similarly noise pollution can be con­trolled at source points by proper oiling and greasing of the machines, by providing silencers to the ma­chines and by reducing the amplitude of existing forces.

It can also be reduced by increasing the distance between the source and receiver of the noise, by proper layout of the buildings, by deflect­ing the path of the sound waves, and by protecting the individuals through mechanical devices. Road side plantation is an effective measure for control­ling noise pollution. Similarly rail lines, roads, air­ports and industries should be located away from the residential areas. Vehicles plying on city roads, generators and air conditioners should be forced to use silencers. Similarly guidelines should be pre­pared and adopted for the playing of loud speakers and arranging public festivals and dances etc.

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