Pain of a Female – Essay


The female is a boon to society, who has the maximum heavenly power. She can bear every pain, she can tolerate every blame and she can keep a male in her womb for nine long months and then with an enormous pain give birth to that devil.

He who commits female-feticide, rape, honour killing, dowry death, dowry harassment and domestic-violence and also imposes several restrictions in order to restrict her from her freedom and development.

The pain of a woman begins before her birth and continues till her reincarnation. The fear of being killed in the womb stops the flow of blood and starts the flow of tears.


Many a times such attempts kill mothers as well. The male attempting such deed forgets that it is not because of the cells of a woman but it is because of his own cells that causes the birth of a girl.

During this slaughter the mother pleas for the same punishment which her daughter is facing. She weeps, shouts, cries out “No, don’t kill my child, don’t kill my daughter” but at that time even the super powers closed their ears and no one bothers of her plea.

Many a times these heavenly creatures are being rescued from the deadly hands of the devils. Now instead of slaughtering her, the devil plans to make her life hell. He bars her studies, cages her freedom and prepare her as a prey of a new devil that had taken birth in some other house. He ignores the development of his daughter. His daughter gradually grows.

Now a new pain starts in her life, since the age of 12, the pain of periods. Every month she suffers from the same pain.


Since the society has been modernized hence the devil now got a chance to make fun of this pain as well. He never tries to know about this pain but always tries to make fun of this feminine pain. This pain is the cause of his existence on this earth. This pain helps in pregnancy. Hence now the devil shall not make fun of this pain but instead he shall make fun of his own existence.

Still it is not over yet the girl at every step requires saving her own character from the characterless devils. She has to save herself from the devilish sights to the devilish deeds. Even if there is a fault or a crime committed by the devil then also the girl is being blamed in the society. The devil very bravely commits rape and he shall be punished after every 61st rape case. It is so because out of every 62 rape cases only is being recorded in the records of the law and the rest of them rest in peace.

It is not over yet the curse of being a female continues with her. Since before marriage the development of female child stops with the feel that a girl is fruitless, as, one day she has to leave her father’s house and go to a new house. Then before marriage she is being cursed because of the virtual image of being fruitless in the society.

In an Indian society although the status of a female is very holy but still we see the same holy spirit being barred and exploited every moment. The sacred entity has to sacrifice every moment. The cycle of pain continues forever and ever. Besides suffering from such evils the worst thing in a female’s life is the feeling of insecurity that she faces every second.


Still the female overcomes herself from all such things and establishes herself in the society. It’s not over yet, she fights for her identity and for her respect that she deserves. She like a revolutionary fighter survives in the society and very silently brings revolutions by her own soft means.

Females are a delicate part of society and indeed the better half of the society. She not just survives for her own cause but also for every relation that she bears. It is truly said that the love of a female is incomparable as whenever she loves someone she loves after sacrificing her heart, mind, soul and body. It is a female only who always wait for the male every time whether it is his birth or at lunch, or at dates, or when he is free from his work. It is the female who waits for the non-females even after their death.

So my plea to every non-female that please respect this heavenly creature as if an entity can be your creator then it can be your demolished as well.



Nishant Shekhar Mishra


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