Essay on Fashion and Modesty


Shopping a new dress or cloth is always like a fun but very few people know what they are buying and what suits their personality.

It is an old saying eat what you like and what keep you healthy and fit but wear what other admire or say suits you.

Fashion is very important but difficult and diverse subject. It got many branches and sub branches. Fashion is more than wearing a new dress, to me it is a science which has its own unique importance.


It creates an image in peoples mind about you. Some people think what they wear it is their business as actress Allen Flanagan says “I wear makes me happy

Fashion is not about wearing a new cloth instead making your impression in people’s mind. There is an old saying “First impression is last impression”. Either you are attending a casual meeting or a business dinner, your dressing is one factor which gives you confidence and your audience the message about your feeling and mood so it help you convey your message.

Here I recall scene of a movie Dragon Lady. A small town girl comes to New York with big ambitions. She goes for an interview in a big office of fashion magazines, the interviewer just rejected her without going through an interview process, only because of poor dressing.

In another scene the secretary just chuckled about a dressing and the boss-lady admonish her saying with what you wear this lousy dress is a part of fashion too but old fashion.


Some people don’t like to be high maintenance but on the other hand pay full attention what they wear make a statement. Some people go for shopping every day and some monthly.

Some people budget £100 a month for new dressing. Some people just wear once and never wear again. The best example of that is Footballer Howard. He does get bored with clothes really quickly and does not like wearing the same thing twice.

Howard on the other hand but for some people likes their favorite clothes and they wear them again and again. There are some important moments in life (like birthdays, marriage or anniversaries) so some dresses are having memories of those moments so it is very hard for some people to discard them.

Colour and style of your dressing along with your education and intelligence makes you different from others. As Karen Millen rightly said “clothes are like music they define moments in life.”


It is very important to find a little time for yourself and for your soul. It does not need much effort and hard work. Only ten or twenty minutes of your time of your busy schedule will make the difference in your appearance and life. Style is about you, your personality and how you feel.

Let’s look around and analyze personalities from showbiz to politics and their dressing and how people react to that. Pakistan‘s Ex -president Previous Musharaf was ranked well dressed president in numerous surveys and by some fashion magazine. David Cameron was criticized wearing a T-shirt in public meeting. Show designer Nicholas criticized Princess Kate of her dress “too much of high street dressing”. Similarly Coronation Street star Helen Hanagan had to face criticism while she appeared in a beautiful dress but revealing her body.

The best tactical dressers are at the top of their game. Either politician or movie stars, they inspire others. It is very important to wear nice but what suits your personality and affect your audience. Don’t wear what pass wrong message about you. Best described in this could be modest dressing.



M Naveed Aslam


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