Do you think that the States in India should have more Autonomy?


Arguments for :

1. The purpose of creating states is that smaller the area of administration the greater will be the development of that area. If the Centre exercises a complete control over the Legislative or executive powers of the states, it will be difficult for the Government of the State to do anything regarding the development of that area and the State Government would become irrelevant.

2. The Governors in the States are the ‘spies’ of the Central Government, finances for the states are limited and there are a number of restrictions upon the states with regard to legislative powers. On the recommendations of the Governors emergency can be imposed in a state, any Bill passed by the Legislature can be re­served for the approval of the Centre and allocation of the finances is determined by the Finance Commission which is under the influence of the Centre. Till states are given autonomy, people cannot get the feel of democracy.


3. The Central Government in India possesses the emergency powers which are almost dictatorial powers. In other words, the political parties which may come in power in the States are at the mercy of the Centre because the Centre can make them unpopular by not granting them sufficient finances or by interfering in their day-to-day administration.

Arguments against :

1. In India separatist tendencies have always been gathering momentum. If States are given more powers separatist tendencies may become more powerful. Even at present, Akalies in Punjab- have been resorting to violence for getting a separate Home-land, so was the case with the supporters of Gorkha Land.

2. The state politics in India is very dirty politics because the leaders exploit the sentiments of the people by referring to the re­gional problems. Consequently, the loyalty of the people of the region becomes parochial and in some cases they become unpatriotic. Such a development is not in the interest of the nation.


3. The Centre has been made strong by the fathers of the Constitution because they feared that democracy might not work properly in a country like India. Far flung areas of our States can become a great hurdle in carrying on the administration properly. So the Centre has been armed with emergency powers. Otherwise, also in India, it was necessary to create conditions in which national integration may become possible.

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