Declining Standard of Sports in India – Essay


In today’s time sports are no more considered to be wastage of time in major part of the world.

This is quite evident that as many International championships like World Cup, Asian Games, Olympics and Common Wealth Games are organized to promote both the outdoor and indoor games.

But Indians are still far behind in the thinking, we have world’s 2nd largest population and we are far behind in the tally of the gold medals in the Olympics.


India is not deemed to be a respectable nation when it comes to sports. Even though, huge amount is spent on training and grooming of the players we still have not been able to achieve the desired results.

The prime reason for poor performances is corruption & political interference. Due to this many time a good player is left out. As a result of that no good players get entries into some important sports competitions and to prove their worth take escape through doping. Doping is a way to enhance the performance by the means of drugs and steroids.

This provides instant energy and boost in the performance manifold times. But, ethically it is wrong as sports are all about honest Endeavour, commitment and fair play. Being ethical while playing is of great importance.

To improve the standard of the game it is really important to give the selection committee a free hand so that there can be no chances of foul play and favoritism. NGO’s should make efforts to promote all types of sports.



Shivani Suresh Sharma


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