456 Words Essay on the importance of good manners


Good manners make a man a useful member of the society. They lend colour and grace to life. They are more important than the laws of the state. One can now easily imagine how essential good manners are. They make a man a complete human being, the only goal of humanity. A person who has been brought up in a good environment must have good manners.

What are good manners? The first principle that underlies good manners is that we must have feelings for the others. Good manners aire the ornaments of a gentleman, and a real gentleman never hurts the feelings of others. He cares for the convenience, comfort and happiness of others more than for his own. He never tries to be disrespectful to any one. His behaviour towards others is what he expects from them for himself.

Courtesy is the foundation stone and the essence of good manners. Hence, we should be courteous and polite to others. We should be kind and soft in tone while talking to others. In no case, we should lose our temper because anger is a momentary madness. We should be polite even while refusing the unfair requests of others. Talk less and listen more is always praiseworthy as it saves us from many problems. This quality adds extra to the life.


Good manners cost nothing in terms of money but win everybody by leaving everlasting impact on him or her. They are related to the high moral values of life. They can be neither borrowed nor imitated. Instead they are to be cultivated. We can learn good manners by studying the lives of great men and can mould our character.

Our success depends on good manners to a great extent. Hence, it is very necessary to sow the seeds of good manners in the very childhood. For this proper moral education must be given to the children. They must be taught what is virtue and what is vice and subsequently they must be given guidelines how to protect themselves from vice.

Good manners are extremely important in the present context, because people, especially our young generation has started losing them. They do what they wish regardless of the sentiments of their well wishers. Hooliganism is on rise. The frequent outbursts of defiance against the parental authority and lack of respect for the elders clearly show that good manners have been disappearing very fast. Perhaps this is the reason why corruption, crime, bribery, kidnapping, chain- snatching etc. have found their root in the society.

God has bestowed on us a beautiful life with great potentialities within it. Let’s make it meaningful by overcoming all vices. Let’s be men of good manners to achieve the very essence of humanity.

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