148 Words Short Essay on an Ideal Student


An ideal student should have many qualities. He should get up early in the morning. He should go for a morning walk every day. He should take a care of his health. He should take bath every day. He should wear clean clothes,

An ideal student should complete his home-work. He should attend the school regularly. He should show good results in the examinations. He should take part in sports and games. He should talk less and work more.

An ideal student should give respect to his teachers, parents and elders. He should love the younger students,


He should be humble and polite. He should have lovable habits. He should have good manners.

An ideal student should help the parents in houseĀ­hold matters. He should go to bed at a fixed time. He should get up early. An ideal student should avoid smoking, drinking and other evil habits.

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