601 Words Essay on if I were a Social Worker


Social worker is one who does some work for the good and benefit of the society at large. In these days of individual lives revolving round the ‘self, it is rather difficult to find a genuine social worker – a worker, who truly deserves to be defined as a social worker.

This is because; even the brand of modern social workers has polluted the atmosphere and the good name of social workers and social work.

If I was a social worker, I would show to the class of social workers what social work really means. The very essence of social service lies in really forgetting oneself. Service above self is today only used for lip service and not social service, it is only a decoration of the profession and found nowhere in reality. The modern clan of social workers wishes to get involved in such projects only for self dignity as, the work is the in thing now, is in fashion these days.


As a social worker, I would devote at least two to three hours of my daily routine of schedule to, serving the downtrodden, or, let us say the less lucky people of our society.

This is because I firmly believe that, unless the entire spectrum of society is progressive, the country can never hope to progress. My priorities of service areas would be mainly the spheres of education and health, because if these two are available, man from any strata of life can rise to the occasion. He can fulfil all other requirements of life, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Regarding the field of education, it would be my preference to spread this invaluable jewel in the masses, and the purpose being, teaching them values of life, understanding of life, besides all the usual subjects of studies.

This would be my prime priority because; I am absolutely convinced that this wills give polish, a shine to the crude and rugged human. So, it is necessary for all to be at least literate. In this I would try toreach to the lowest of the low in order to enhance their life and outlook on life.


The next avenue of priority of service in my field of social service would be health. This would also be spread to the poorest of the poor. This is also because I believe that, a healthy public makes for a healthy nation. The health of all is to be looked after and not just of a few rich and influential. I would try to send the message of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. I would enlighten on these and also tell them that, this should be organised in their living by themselves and not by the Government.

They should be aware of the necessity of all these aspects of health because if this is done, very few diseases can attack. These are cornerstones of a healthy living and my prime objective as a social worker would be to explain to them the importance of these three actions. In each village I would establish a dispengary with the help of the Government. Then, at least minor ailments would not take a heavy toll of the villagers and they would be cured of pain.

Thus as a social Worker I would serve the poorest of poor specially in the amuse of education and health as I feel that, if every individual possesses these two-assets, other achievements should be no problem. I would be a social worker with a difference having no banners and names or advertisements but just work. ‘Work and achieve’ would be my motto.

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