534 Words Essay on if I were a Good Student


Good student is one who is basically good in studies; this is because a student’s prime objective is to study. Students in all educational institutions are by the thousands in numbers but, good students are very few or rather so few that they can be counted on finger tips.

If I were a good student I know that, I would obviously become the favourite of all my teachers and the Principal too. This is because the teachers see in me their dreams of a good result coming true, and for the Principal it is a matter of pride to have a top ranker in her/his school, and have a brilliant student as an example for others to follow from her school.

Once I would have become the favourite student of all, yes all the teachers, I can clearly visualise the other side of the coin too, i.e. the jealous colleagues and other students of the class. All the time they would despise me, avoid me, and try to hurt me by nasty and sarcastic comments, by being rude and even calling me names.


All this would not hurt me as, I would realise that, this behaviour is but natural, for all of us like to be pampered and loved. So, the rudeness of my classmates would not deter me from my aim of remaining a good student inspite of all the deterrents and pitfalls.

However, unlike other good students who like to be the only good ones, I would try to be a class apart. I would not keep my nose in the air and really start believing that I am above the others – no, I would never do this. Instead, I would help the other students to become more like me in studies.

The problems of my classmates in any subject would become my concern as much as theirs. I’d help each and every child who would come to me for help and thereby increase the clan of good students in my class.

All this I would do because I would myself also feel better, having more and more students like me and seeing my group enlarge and grow, would make me happy and many other children happy. In this way, all the jealousies of other classmates would be wasted away and they would all start taking me as a friend and not one who is a class apart.


If I were a good student, in this peculiar way, I would first and foremost win the hearts of my hitherto jealous colleagues, and then, render help to the school by helping in producing more of my type.

This would in turn improve the overall results of the school. By doing so, I would become a star student, a star, a hero of my own type and a still greater favourite of more and more in the school, which is, including the one time opponents in my own class. Doing this I would enhance the prestige of the school and become popular myself. My achievements would then have doubled. I would be a good student and, to add, a good and unselfish human being, a species rare in today’s scenario of the world.

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