292 Words Essay for Kids on Student and Discipline


Discipline is a code of conduct that makes our life smooth, pleasant and worth-living. Man is a social animal. Discipline is a must for the smooth development of our personalities and hence for the nation.

For enjoying our freedom, we must allow others also to enjoy their liberty. This demands a lot of self-discipline and control.

Discipline has to be cultivated. In every walk of life, whether it is home, playground, school, walking or in library, discipline is a must. Discipline means a good awareness of our duties and obligations. Discipline and success are almost synonymous with each other. One cannot have even a little success without self-control.


Discipline is of fundamental importance for a student as the student life is the beginning of a career. If a student is not disciplined, his whole life would be ruined. He will not get success in his examinations. He will not achieve anything in life. Discipline is the fundamental base of good manners. Discipline is a real ornament of a gentleman.

A disciplined student is he who is regular in his work and good habits. He is punctual in going to school and obeys his teachers and elders. He is never impolite and rude. The future of our students and the country depends on the quality of discipline they have.

A student of today is a parent and citizen of tomorrow. He helps in maintaining peace in the society. He has to show a good standard of discipline. He follows the rules of the road and leads a fruitful, but disciplined life. A school is a place where all the virtues of a good citizen can be developed in a student. It is the discipline of its citizens which makes a country really great.

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