202 Words Essay on My Self for Kids


I am seven years old. My name is Aisha Ahuja. I read in class-Ill. My school’s name is Central School. It is situated on the main road. It is not far from my house. I go to school on foot.

I live with my mother, father and my younger sister, Neha. Neha is five years old. She reads in class-I in Model Girl’s School. The school bus picks her in the morning and drops her back at noon.

We have a pet dog. Its name is Prince. It is very pretty and naughty, too. It plays with us in our lawn in the afternoon. At all other time, it moves around the house like a family member.


Our servant Ram is a simple man. He takes care of us. He escorts me to and from my school. He goes to the market with my father and brings us household goods.

My mother cooks food for us. She is very affectionate and dutiful. My father goes to the office in the morning and returns home in the afternoon. On holidays, he sometimes takes us out to the zoo or a park or on the riverside in his car. We are a happy family.

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