312 Words Essay on the International Order


This tour d’horizon from an Indian point of view suggests that we should judge the efficacy or otherwise of the international order by its success in dealing with terrorism, disarmament and non-proliferation, energy security and the environment. Each of these must be successfully addressed if India is to have the peace and security she seeks for her own transformation.

Unfortunately, an honest appraisal suggests that the present global order has not done very well when judged by this standard. It is because the old order is not delivering that we are compelled to seek ad hoc solutions like “coalitions of the willing” to contemporary security problems.

It seems to us that global security issues will need multilateral solutions that are the result of a broad participatory process. In seeking an enabling global political and economic order, India has consciously sought to strengthen multilateral institutions and mechanisms, particularly the United Nations.


More than 90,000 Indian troops and policemen have participated in 43 UN peacekeeping operations. If our international institutions are not dealing successfully with the challenges of today, one reason is the fact that they no longer reflect current or emerging realities of power.

The United Nations has a structure which is completely outdated in terms of the emerging global landscape. We are committed to the comprehensive reform of the United Nations, including the Security Council, which should reflect contemporary realities in its composition.

To conclude, there is a need to build new international consensus to deal with non- proliferation and energy security. At the same time, we should make truly effective and comprehensive the existing regimes for climate change and to counter terrorism.

India is ready to work to build an enabling global order, based on equity and reflecting emerging realities. We look to Britain and the EU as partners in the shaping of the new approaches that a changing world requires.

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