Write a short note on terrestrial plants


The plants that grow on land are called terrestrial plants. They get their name from the word ‘terra’ that means land.

Plants and trees that grow on mountains and hillsides:

The trees in these areas are called coniferous trees as they are tall and have shape like that of a cone. The conical shape helps snow to slide off their branches. Pine, Deodar and Fir are some such trees. They have leaves throughout the year and are called evergreen trees.


Plants and trees that grow in the plains:

The trees in the plains have features to suit their immediate environment. As there are trees with large flat leaves (like poplar, peepal, mango, ashoka, etc.) so that the surface area allows plenty of evaporation and keeps them cool.

Plants that grow in deserts:

Water and rainfall are scarce in the deserts, so plants growing in these regions have stems that can store water, like cactus. Some plants in the deserts have long roots, so that they are able to go deep into the soil to absorb water. They have a protective covering in the form of thorns that saves the plants from animals.

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