What medium of instruction in universities have been prescribed by the University Education ‘Commission, 1948-49


India is a land of languages. The various States stand for their own regional languages. The Commission studied the difficulties involved in this sphere and has given the following suggestions for solution of the language problem:

1. Exercising Sanskrit any other Indian language should replace English as the medium of instruction at earliest. Sanskrit cannot be made the medium as it involves many practical difficulties.

2. The students of universities and higher secondary schools should be taught the national language along with English and a regional language.


3. Regional languages should be the medium of university education. Certain subjects at the university stage should be taught through the medium of national language.

4. The national language and the regional languages should be developed.

5. A Committee of scholars of all the regional languages should be formed for reconstructing technical terms in sciences. This Committee should be given the responsibility of writing standard text-books. These text-books should be translated into various languages under the supervision of this Committee.

6. The State Governments should provide facilities for teaching national language in universities, degree colleges and higher secondary schools.


7. Teaching of English should be continued in high schools and universities in order that the students are acquainted with achievement in other countries.

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