What is the Difference Between Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Structure?


Organizational behaviour is a counterpart of management studies. It is the study and application of knowledge about how people act within organization. It is a human tool for human benefit. It applies broadly to the behaviour of people in all types of organization, such as business establishment, schools and service organizations.

For every’ organization there is a need of understanding organizational behaviour. It has some key elements like people, structure, technology and external environment. When we join together in an organization to accomplish an objective, some kind of structure is required. We also use technology to help gel the jobs done these all elements arc influenced by the external environment. The field of organizational behaviour offers a body of knowledge about people at work and information about their performance.

Acquiring this information will improve our understanding of the behaviour of individuals and groups, as well as the way organizations are building and the way organizations change and develop.


Organizational behaviour is an academic discipline concerned with understanding and describing human behaviour in an organizational environment. It seeks to shed light on the whole complex factor in organizations by indentifying causes and efforts of that behaviour.

Frankly speaking “Organizational behaviour is concerned with the study of behaviour attitudes and performance of workers in an organizational setting ; the organization’s and group’s effects on worker’s perceptions, feelings and actions, the environment effects on the organization and its human resources and goals, and the effect of the workers on the organization and its effectiveness. “

We get through the following from above definition:

(a) Formal organizations are only one of several concerns in organizational behaviour. Individuals and groups as separate entities are also a part of this field of enquiry.


(b) It is necessary to learn about individual and group behaviour, attitudes and performance.

(c) Organizations, groups and environments play a role in how people behave and perform.

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