What are the Ten Orders Created by Shankaracharya


The ten orders created by Shankaracharya can be defined as follows:

(i) Ashram:

One who is free from bonds and is confined to Ashram and has embraced sanyas.


(ii) Bharati:

One who is fully laden with learning?

(iii) Giri:

One who lives in forest and is steady.


(iv) Parvat:

One who lives in forest and has steadfast knowledge about the transient nature of the mundane world.

(v) Puri:

One who is full of real knowledge and has mastered the knowledge of Brahman and is as such in union with the Parabrahman.


(vi) Saraswati:

One who is devoted to knowledge of tunes and is also called Lord of poets.

(vii) Sagar:

One who knows not only the full depths of oceans of truth, but has also lived to the bottom and collected jewels of knowledge.


(viii) Teerth:

One who takes bath at the confluence of three rivers in the form of knowledge and the realisation of truth?

(ix) Aranya:

He always lives in the realisation of identity of his self with the universal self.


(x) Vana:

One who has transcended the snares of desires and resides in a forest.

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