What are the main types of time table used in School?


Different members of a school have different work order sections. As a result, they have to maintain their own time table. The headmaster has a comprehensive time table which is known as master time table or general time table. It is also called consolidated time table. A class teacher prepares his own time table for his class and put it in every class­room. It is called the class time table.

The three main time tables are as under:

(i) Master Time Table:


This time table gives a complete, correct and comprehensive picture of the entire school programme. It is consolidated from the class time tables and teacher’s time table. This time table is meant to be used by the principal.

(ii) Class time table:

This time table shows the daily programme of a class i.e., the distribution of subject with teacher for each class. It indicates the brakes and the periods for games and other co-curricular activities. Each class follows its time table and a copy of it is to be hung in each classroom.

(iii) Teacher’s Time Table:


Every teacher has a copy of his own programme showing details of his own academic and non-academic work order sections.

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