What are the important points to be considered before immunization?


· Make an immunisation chart with the help of a doctor.

· If the time of any doze is lapsed then it should be given as early as possible.

· During diarrhea, polio drops have no effect on the child, so avoid it.


· Sometimes the child suffers from mild fever or swelling after immunisation. Some medicines to control the fever should be given.

· Pregnant women should get her immunised for tetanus. She should be given one booster of tetanus one month before delivery. Many new born babies die because their mother are not immunised for tetanus.

III. Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

(i) Notification


As soon as the symp­toms of a particular disease are recognised it should be notified to the health department so that they can take suitable steps in controlling the spread of diseases like polio, cholera, dengue, mumps and malaria, etc. The health department should immediately start sprinkling or fogging of medicine in the city and distribute medicines to the poor people.

(ii) Isolation

People should be made aware about keeping the patient separately so that healthy people may not get infected. Give them information how to sterilise the clothes, room, etc. of the patient where they are kept.

(iii) Immunisation


Children should be regularly immunised for various diseases. Adults should also take precautions and immunise themselves as soon as spread of some epidemic is expected.

(iv) Cleanliness

To prevent various diseases from spreading cleanliness of home and outside is very necessary. Water logging and waste collection should not be around residential colonies. Sprinkling of medicines for controlling mosquitoes should be done.

(v) Public health education


Under this programme, common people should be educated regarding these diseases. How are they spread? What precautions should be taken in order to prevent these diseases? This can be done through newspapers, posters, radio, television, exhibitions, etc.

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