Short Notes on School Time Table


Time table is a framework to run the school properly. It occupies a very important place from the point of view of administration because it determines how the whole programme of the school is carried out.

The school authorities should devise it very carefully so that the time of students and teachers is utilized to the maximum and they derive the greatest advantages from the resources of the school. The time table is the scheduled which tells that what work is being done during which period by whom it is being done, where it is being done and when it is being done. It is generally, a chart to show the activities undertaken in a school. It shows the following:

(i) Hours of work.


(ii) Teacher at work and at rest.

(iii) Rooms being used in certain periods.

(iv) Recreational time.

(v) Time of morning assembly.


(vi) Time of roll call.

(vii) Time of co-curricular activities.

(viii) Class engaged in games.

(ix) Playground being used

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