Short Essay on the Administrative Task of a School


Besides, co curricular activities, there are other activities in the school such a administrative related activities. It includes performance of the Budget, students Union, new posting of staff-teachers, and allotment of work to the staff, building, furniture and correspondence with the other institutions etc. The management of administration goes with the educational activities in the school. Actually school has the responsibility to maintain the administration and other activities related to the management.

Every school maintains a school budget on yearly basis. It has income and expenditure statement of the school during a year. This is important in view of the limited income of the school. Public schools, which have their own resources are more responsible to their limited expenditure than school run by the Government, he school budget aims to be cautious about the misuse of the funds.

School has different types of budget as per their requirements i.e., Annual Budget, Half-year quarterly and Monthly Budget. It Main Budget which limit of income expenditure in different heads is reviewed and arranged under the changing circumstances of school. Beside school have Budget for other activities-building, furniture, library, and upgrading of the school, staff salaries, extra-curricular activities etc. in the form of heads and sub-heads.


While preparing the Budget for the school, several points should be taken into consideration. The school has its own resources of income and these should be seen before, expenditure in different categories. A budget is prepared on the assumption that these should be flexible aid can be amended in due course of time. Meanwhile, school should develop its own resource or ask the Government for grants in-and. Besides only necessary expenditure be taken into account

Besides, administration related activities; school is engaged in several other co-curricular activities in the school i.e. cultural activities, literary activities, sports, games-related activities, annual function, and competition and so on. The scope is unlimited and these activities can be extended/enlarged as per the capacity of the school to bear the expenses. There are other activities related to the management of the school, staff and building, furniture etc. So school is a sub-society it has wider of activities.

Student’s organisations and unions are part of the democratic society in the school which is called a mini society or sub-society. In school students organise themselves and are assisted by the school to form an organise group to help the school in maintaining the discipline in the school. The organisation initially has a monitor in each class who further elects their Head among themselves. Besides, schools also nominate students from other fields such as game, cultural activities, and academician and building students from the students. Parents also join their activities and a lesson of democracy is being taught through these student organisations, which is a formation of student union in the time to come.

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