Short Essay on Teacher as a Facilitator


Firstly we define the term facilitate which stands, to promote, to help forward, to make easy. Hence, the context of instruction, a teacher’s role would be to promote learning, to help students, to develop more and more by learning, by providing them a conductive environment to interact with, in order to bring about learning and further development.

When a teacher is part of the environment in which students are learning, or is participating in the process of instruction, he/she is an instructional input when he/she is in providing certain guidance in order to bring about learning of students by way of their interaction with relevant instructional components.

He/ she are a facilitator of learning. There are different methods to promote learning. Some are student- centered-like library work, project work, experimentation home assignment etc. where major focus is on how student organize their steps of learning by interacting within different environmental components like printed matter, natural realities etc. All such methods show that teacher guides students as to how to go about learning sequence, this facilitating their learning. At last we can conclude that in all student- centered methods teacher is a facilitator and not a participant.

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