Short Essay on “Teacher as a Counsellor”?


In the perspective of a school, the teacher is a counsellor and the students either approached the teacher when she/he has a problem, which cannot be solved by self or the teacher senses the problem and offers help to die student to solve the problem properly. The teacher addresses not only problems related to the school but also those related to friends, family, health etc.

In a school set up, students seldom approach teachers with their problems to get any help, as they are apprehensive about disclosing the intimate nature of their problems. Having understood the nature of the problem, the role of the teacher is to help a student realize his/her potential to solve it. Counselling works on the principle that every individual, if guided properly, can realize the strength of self to solve problem of self. As a result, a teacher does not have always to give solutions.

To be an effective counsellor a teacher must be aware of the following things:


(i) Being a keen observant,

(ii) Being sensitive,

(iii) Being empathetic, and

(iv) Being objective.

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