Relation of philosophy and sciencein this World


The logical positivists were originally scientists who had rebelled against the over weaning and lordly attitude of philosophers of that time who little understood science but, pretended to know its basic and fundamental principles.

These scientists in reaction so overvalued science that they tried to apply whole sale the methods, techniques and criterion of science to philosophy thus, they postulated fiat only scientific analysis and physical demonstration were the criteria of meaning and truth.

As a consequence of this application of science to philosophy, the philosophy appeared to be will-of-the nispand beating about the bush. Thus, metaphysics was rejected. However, in their zeal the positivists failed to realize that they were cutting under their own ground. Truly philosophy is a science of sciences.


The attempt to extend the scope of principle of empirical verification to entire realm of knowledge grossly exaggerated. There are many beliefs which are so fundamental that without them life is meaningless but, they are unverifiable.

This is because; all experience is due to them. That which makes experience possible can obviously not be proved in experience. The idea of identity of equality snot abstracted from any experience though it is presupposed when we say two lines ware equal or fiat these twins are identical.

The logical positivist’s conception of knowledge is too mechanical to be true. They are mistaken in ejecting the value and importance of imagination and creativity.

When logical positivists maintain that values are unrelated to and underived from facts, they forget that without postulating the idea of value we can hardly know a fact.


Therefore, value is prior to and presupposed by a fact which we know. Unless we value knowledge why should we take any interest in facts?

It is truly said that metaphysics cannot be condemned without postulating a counter theory of metaphysics. Indeed, the principle of verification by which metaphysics is condemned is not an empirical hit a non-empirical statement. Therefore, it cannot be validated in terms of its own theory of validation.

God, soul etc. are not empirical entities but, are presuppositions of all experiences. These are beliefs having pragmatic value. To condemn them is to condemn life itself.

As a matter of fact logical positivists have denigrated philosophy.

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