Notes on the main functions of Physical Education in India


The main function of any subject in a school is to plan educational experience which will enrich the whole personality of the child, with a special emphasis on the subject medium of expression. The subject medium of phy­sical education is physical activity, in its various forms.

The contribution made by this activity will be seen to be a relevant and essential part of the whole school curriculum and an important means of preparing child for the society in which they are to live.

In order to achieve the aims of physical education the objectives of the programme are:


(i) To create opportunities for the study and prac­tice of physical education in all its aspects;

(ii) To increase the range of physical skills of the individual;

(iii) To provide a medium of enjoyment;

(iv) To develop good social habits through coopera­tion with others;


A modern programme in physical education will have a far greater content and flexibility than in the past and those who plan programmers are faced with problem which demands expert knowledge. The programme should be directed towards the needs of the individual, his apti­tude and ability and should be related to his physical, mental, social and emotional characteristics. The teacher should plan to make the best use of all resources involving many members of the staff and the facilities and equipment which may be available both at the school and in the sur­roundings. The programme should be wide enough in scope to be of present and future value to each individual.

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