Notes on Intramural physical education in India


Translated literary, intramural means ‘Within the walls. Intramural physical activities, therefore, may be defined as physical activities carried on within the walls of, an institution.

Intramural physical activities appeared in the school long before any one even thought of physical education and inter school physical activities. The desire to play is universal and some form of it has always existed.

As educational institutions multiplied and the school popu­lation increased informal play activities among students expanded. The half hazard nature of these activities gradu­ally gave way to better organization.


As time went on students looked beyond the con­fines of their own institutions for competitions. The intra­mural activities were carried on outside the regular hours. A voluntary basis and were considered school collar in nature. When the concept of the curriculum broadened, both intramural and inter school physical activities came to be considered legitimate curricula. Today, the intramural programme is an integrant activity. The physical education programme.

The purpose of intramural programme is meant the curricular activities of physical education supplement the objectives of physical education may be completely realized. Intramural programme ^ be more opportunity for more competition and specialiscizers the furred activities. Highly talented pupils need stimulus of competing children similarly endowed added are to improve their skills and to experience the enjoyment of keen competition. Controlled thrill and rivalry, either on a friendly or a league basis of school the sharpening experience Provide

What will be included in the intramural is depended largely upon the activities which programme in the physical education service programme, presented mural programmers will naturally vary in different nitrates, just as the physical education programme. Foot ball, Volley ball, Tennis, Track and field of basket ball almost invariably successful intramural events range of activities naturally varies with the school. But it is to be stressed that sports active one aspect of a wide range of co-curricular such, should not merit any exaggerated important life of the school.

However, the type of activity, the interest of the students, the end in view should, available to consideration for organizing the intramural taken in Interest and assistance of the staff members is sustain a broad programme of inter school to activities.

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