What are the differences between growth and development?


Growth and development is one of the important studies for the teachers and parents. Growth is different from development. But both are correlated and one is dependant on other. We can say that growth is a part of development, which is limited in physical changes.

Growth is physical changes whereas development is overall development of the organism. The main differences between both are-

(1) Growth is change of physical aspects of the organism. Development is overall changes and progressive changes of the organism.


(2) Growth is cellular but development is organizational.

(3) Growth is the change in shape, form, structure, size of the body. Development is structural change and functional progress of the body.

(4) Growth stops at maturation but development continues till death of the organism.

(5) Development also includes growth. Growth is a part of development.


(6) Growth and development go side by side.

(7) Growth and development is the joint product of heredity and environment.

(8) Growth is quantitative and development is qualitative in nature.

(9) Growth can be measured accurately but development is subjective interpretation of one’s change.


Both growth and development are interrelated aspects of psychology. There are some basic differences as per their structure but it is difficult to separate them. They have some basic similarities also. In study of educational psychology study of their differences and similarities have equal importance for a teacher.

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