601 What are the main Features, Merits and Demerits of Gold Exchange Standard?
602 What are the main features of Gold Reserve Standard?
603 What are the main features of Gold Parity Standard?
604 What are the Main Features of Paper Money?
605 What are the Merits and Demerits of Paper Standard?
606 What are the Merits and Demerits of Currency Principles as Advocated by the "Currency School"?
607 What are the Merits and Demerits of Banking Principle as Advocated by the "Banking School"?
608 What are the Merits and Demerits of Proportional Reserves System?
609 Essay on the Merits and Demerits of Minimum Fiduciary System
610 What is Maximum Reserve System?
611 What is the impact of Globalization on the Indian Society?
612 The economic system of Islam is mainly based upon the Quran and the Sunnah
613 How to really eradicate poverty in India?
614 What is the role of Industrialization in India for nation development?
615 What are the Causes of Backwardness of Agriculture in India?
616 What are the Achievements of New Economic Policy of India?
617 Brief notes on National Planning Committee of India
618 20 Frequently asked questions on development of infrastructure in India
619 Brief note on the Distribution of Population in the World
620 9 essential Features of Occupation Structure
621 What are Features of Working Population in India?
622 14 most frequently asked questions on Indian Economic Development
623 15 essential features of Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence
624 Brief notes on Human Development Index of welfare
625 State national income as an indicator Index of Welfare
626 9 most frequently asked questions on the concept of economic growth
627 Difficulties found in the Measurement of Economic in underdeveloped countries
628 Basic Occupations of Man as Landmarks in Human Development
629 What are the factors that help in localization of industries?
630 What are the major categories of human occupations?
631 Why is Lumbering well Developed in the Coniferous Belt?
632 What are the Significance of Secondary Occupation
633 Short notes on Developed and Developing Countries
634 What Causes Specialization in Resource Development?
635 What are the evil effects of industrialization?
636 How are the basic problems solved in a mixed economy?
637 What are the drawbacks of the price mechanism as a guiding factor for resource allocation?
638 How are basic economic problems solved in a socialist economy?
639 What is price mechanism and How does it solve the basic problems in a capitalist economy?
640 Central problems of an economy?
641 How are resources allocated in free market economy?
642 Six measures of liberalisation taken by the Government of India
643 Few Factors for Perpetuating Gender Inequality
644 How the Public Distribution System and fiscal measures help in controlling price rise
645 How the government protects the interests of the consumers by standardisation of products?
646 What are the different types of Communication System available in India?
647 Indian Agriculture Under the Five-Year Plans
648 Why the Productivity Trends in Agriculture in very low?
649 What are the main causes of Poverty in India?
650 Comprehensive notes on Economic Transition in India
651 Why Indian Economy is regarded an Underdeveloped Economy?
652 What are the Important Crops of India?
653 Short essay on the Food budget of India
654 Birdseye view on the Industrial Policy of India
655 What are the Major Reforms in Industrial Sector of India?
656 Essay on the Necessity of Industrialisation in India
657 What is the Importance of Large Scale Industries?
658 Importance of Small Scale and Cottage Industries in India
659 What are the different types of Industrial Estates found in India?
660 Changes in our Industrial Patterns Due to the Five-Year Plans
661 Seven serious Problems In Industrial Development in India
662 Import export business opportunities in india
663 Brief notes on India’s Foreign Trade
664 What is the Impact of Green Revolution on Indian Economy?
665 Causes for Low Productivity of Indian Agriculture
666 Need and Objectives of providing Educational Guidance to students
667 What do you really mean by transfer payments?
668 What are various constituents of domestic factor income?
669 What is the difference between value added and value of output?
670 Difference:Intermediate goods and Final goods
671 Gross domestic capital formation: What are its components?
672 How to control deficient demand?
673 What are the most essential causes of inflation?
674 Deficient demand! How does it produce depression in the economy?
675 How does Excess demand cause demand-pull inflation?
676 How does excess demand affect output, employment and prices in an economy?
677 Why is equilibrium not necessarily established at full employment?
678 The determination of equilibrium level of income explained
679 Aggregate supply! What is the shape of Keynesian aggregate supply curve?
680 Inducement to invest:What are the basic determinants of investment?
681 Investment? What are the different types of investment available?
682 Marginal propensity consume: How is it calculated?
683 What is the difference between average propensity to save and marginal propensity to save?
684 Keynes' psychological law of propensity to consume explained
685 8 essential factors that determines propensity to consume
686 Aggregate Demand: What are the essential components of aggregated demand?
687 What are the various factors that determine supply?
688 What are the different kinds of elasticity of supply?
689 What are the factors that determines the elasticity of supply of a commodity?
690 Law of Supply: What are its assumptions?
691 Law of Diminishing Return. Why does the law operate?
692 The Law of variable proportions explained
693 Production function: Distinguish between a short-run and a long-run production
694 The relation between Average revenue and Marginal revenue under perfect competition
695 What is the difference between Average Revenue and Marginal Revenue?
696 Long-run market: How long-run average cost is derived?
697 What is the difference between Total fixed cost and total variable cost?
698 What is the difference between Short-run and long-run in the context of the cost curves of a firm?
699 How are the average and marginal costs of production are related?
700 Why the short-run average total unit cost curve of a firm is U-shaped?