Difference between Nomadic Herding and Commercial Herding


Nomadic Herding

(i) Practiced by nomads who lead a migratory life.

(ii) They wander from place to place in search of pasture and water.


(iii) Quality of the animals is poor and so is the produce which meets the local requirement of the nomads.

(iv) Practiced generally in tropical grassland Savannahs and the pastures are not permanent.

Commercial Herding

(i) Practiced by people who are well settled.


(ii) Animals are reared on big ranches, sheep stations. The animals are well cared.

(iii) Quality of animals is very good, the produce from the animals is large and the prod­ucts are processed and ex­ported.

(iv) Practiced in the temperate grasslands – Pampas, Prairies Downs and the rearing of the cattle and sheep is done sys­tematically on a large scale.

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