Corruption is a Hindrance in the Development of a Country


1. Corruption is a global phenomenon. Corruption is a disease in both endemic and epidemic.

2. It makes mockery of administration, development and democracy. Corruption in public life has reached an alarming stage and has emerged globally a sensitive issue.

3. The level of corruption has also increased substantially in India.


4. Corruption breeds out of dishonesty and illegal behaviour of the people who misuse their official position and authority.

5. The World Bank defines corruption as the use of “Public office for private profit.”

6. Corruption has various manifestations which we encounter in our daily life.

7. Corruption is not only the mother of black money but often supports criminalisation.


8. Out of the fear of law the black money which is dumped, does not come into use for the development of the nation.

9. Corruption deters investment, prevents economic growth, distorts prices and undermines the faith in the obedience of law and governance system.

10. It is an anti-national act which perpetuates injustice and violation of Human Rights.

11. To cherish the dream of transforming India into a super power, the malaise of corruption has to be rooted out from our society and body politics.

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