What is coke and mention its uses ?


The grayish-black residue left after the destructive distillation of coal is called as coke. Coke is obtained from coal by removing moisture and other volatile matter from it. Thus, were can say

Coke= Coal- Moisture- Volatile matter

Coke is about 98% carbon


Uses of coke:

Some important uses of coke are,

  1. Coke is used as a domestic fuel.
  2. Coke is used as a reducing agent in metallurgical processes.
  3. Coke is used for producing fuel gases such as water gas(CO+ H2) , and producer gas(CO + N2)
  4. Coke is used for producing carbides such as calcium carbide(CaC2), Silicon carbide(SiC), Aluminum carbide(Al4C3)
  5. Calcium and aluminum carbides are very useful and cheaper raw materials for the petrochemical industry. Silicon carbide is very hard and is used as an abrasive.


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