What is the Merit behind Problem-Solving?


It is a psychological rather than a merely logical procedure, it has the following merits:

(i) It helps in unit learning by correlating, using and integrat¬≠ing student’s knowledge and experience.

(ii) It increases the amount of experience or experiences of the students.


(iii) It takes into consideration the individual differences of the students.

(iv) It helps students to learn facts more meaningfully.

(v) It brings students to touch with life-like activities.

(vi) It enables students to think and reason.


(vii) It arouses the interest by stimulating students’ urge from within.

Limitations of Problem-Solving Method

The scope of the method is limited in accordance with the needs of the students. The needs of the students are as follows:

(i) Ability of the students.


(ii) Experimental background.

(iii) Personal interest of the students.

(iv) Social attitudes of the students.

(v) Training of students.


Project Method

Project method is a natural, whole hearted problem solving and purposeful activity carried to completion by students in a social envi­ronment under the guidance of their teacher.

Some of the definitions of this method given by Educationists are as follows:

A project is a bit of real life that has been imported in school.



The problem is a project which results in doing. The motor element is not what makes the activity a project, but the problem- solving of a practical nature accompanying the activity.


A project is a problematic act carried to completion is its natural setting.

-J. A. Stevenson

Project is a unit of educative work in which the most prominent feature is some form of positive and concrete achievement.


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