What are the facilities that need to be provided at school level for the betterment study of commerce?


Like any other subject there should be separate room/rooms for the commerce. The setting and arrangements of these rooms should be such that it creates an atmosphere for the study and teaching of commerce. The students entering the room would find themselves interested in leering of mathematics.

As a matter of fact, the department of commerce of a school should have a block of three rooms at least:

(i) One room to be used as a general class-room for reaching subjects of commerce i.e. Book keeping, Elements of com­merce, commercial geography etc. This room should be big enough to accommodate as many students as possible in a class.


(ii) One room for teaching of shorthand and type-writing, transcription and business machines. If possible, it should be provided with a flexible partition into two parts-one for short-hand and other for type-writing.

(iii) One room for business machines wherein Adding and Calculating machines, Tape recording machine, Duplicat­ing machines, Record players, Dictaphones, Stock regis­ters etc. be kept.

Business like atmosphere has to be created in the department of commerce. Audio-visual aids should be kept in the department in sufficient number to provide various experiences needed in the com­merce programme.

Type-writing room


It is a room of 24′ x 20′ i.e. an area of 480 sq. foot. Two rooms is to be used for the following purposes:

(i) Type-writing instruction for the commerce students.

(ii) Transcription instructions for commerce students.

(iii) Types-writing instructions for non-commerce students who have offered it for their personal or professional use.


The arrangement of the room should be such that the demon­stration is made visible to all students. It is always better to have a demonstration stand. Which may be flexible as well as adjustable? It should be provided with a good black board which may be used to give instruction and illustration to the students properly.

The seating plan of the class be such that the teacher may have an access to the individual students. This facility must be made avail­able to the students. While supervising the work of the student’s teacher should indentify the defects and demonstrate before them how to adopt correct procedures of doing the practical work.

Office machines room

It is a room of 12′ x 20′ i.e. 240 sq. foot area. It should be located adjacent to the typing room, preferably interconnected by a door. In some of the schools the same teacher has to supervise the work of students both in type-writing as also of students working on the office machines. It slab facilitates the movement of the students who may like to move from the office machine room to the type-writing room to use the duplicating machine.


For displaying material a bulletin board is provided in the room. This should be located near the door of the room and should be extensively used.

This room may be used for instructions on duplicating, adding and calculating machines. A part of this room may be used for stor­age of supplies and accessories needed for the equipments used in this room.

For taking thier instruction on various office machines the com­merce students be divided into groups of 10 each. The machines kept in the room may be used for imparting instruction in Elements of commerce and also in office practices. The extensive use of Adding and calculating machine is done for imparting instruction in Book­keeping. When the stencils have been cut on type-writer the duplicat­ing machine is used freely.

The supervision of this room be done by all the members of the commerce department i.e. teachers instructors. Type-writing instruc­tors etc. For convenience it is better if this room is located between typing room and Book-keeping room. All the three rooms may be inter-connected.


Book-keeping and elements of commerce


It is a room of 28′ x 20′ i.e. 560 sq. foot area. Thus it is a quite spacious room. This room may be used for imparting instructions in the following commerce subjects:

(i) Book-Keeping,

(ii) Elements of Commerce,

(iii) Commercial Arithmetic,

(iv) Commercial Geography,

(v) Economics, and

(vi) Short-hand

Note: For teaching of short-hand the room should be equipped with special type of black-board arrangement (Ruled).

For class demonstrations the following facilities be provided in the room.

Demonstration stands-For demonstrating the machine be­ing used and for explaining its various basic concepts.

Black-board-Large one and adjustable. For Book-keeping problems such a black-board is convenient.

Charts and diagrams

Exhibits and Bulletin-boards

Files strip projector, overhead projector, opaque projector etc. Arrangements should also be made to make the room dark when it is to be used as a dark-room.

Equipment facilities for commerce rooms

The following is the list of minimum equipment facilities that should be provided in commerce rooms:

(i) Black-board (20’x 4′),

Black-board provided in book-keeping room should have Jour­nal and ledger rulings. For short-hand room the black-board should have horizontal lines at a distance of 6″.

(ii) Bulletin boards,

(iii) Reference tables,

(iv) Magazine racks,

(v) Book-cases or shelves,

(vi) Pencil sharpener,

(vii) Stapler,

(viii)Paper Punch,

(ix) Paper cutter,

(x) Individual table and chair for each student,

(xi) Teacher’s desk and chairs,

(xii) A standing desk for the teacher,

(xiii)Map stand and pointer (for Commercial geography),

(xiv) Show cases for storage of articles like rice, wheat, silk etc., Mineral products, Models of agricultural processes, Industrial products etc.,

(xv) Demonstration stand,

(xvi) Type-writers, and

(xvii) Various audio-visual aids such as Epidiascope, Film pro­jector, Slide projector, Tape recorder, Dictating Machine, Record Player etc.

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