What are the essential Characteristics of a Sound Plan?


A good plan should contain the following features:

(i) It should be based on clearly defined objectives,

(ii) It must be simple and easily understandable,


(iii) It should be flexible or adaptable to changing conditions.

(iv) It must be balanced in all respects and should be reason ably comprehensive.

(v) It should provide standards for the evaluation of perfor­mance and actions.

(vi) It should be economical i.e., permit optimum use of available resources before creating new authorities and new resources.


(vii) It should be practicable or feasible and unambiguous. Apian should be precise as to its nature and scope.

(viii) It should be prepared with the consultation of concerned persons.

(ix) Different plans must be properly integrated and harmonized with one another so as to ensure unity or consistency in plans,

(x) It should provide for proper analysis and classification of actions.

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