How to maintain proper office manual ?


An office manual is an authoritative guide to the organisation and it is available in the form of printed booklet. It is prepared to set up plans and policies of the organisation and serve as a guide to the executives. So it is used not only to fix responsibility for the performance of office, job but also to set up procedures for the performance of these jobs. Like organisation manual, office manual is a source of information and is an authoritative guide to office organisation. It contains printed informations on:

(a) Name, Address and Telephone number of the business.

(b) General office rules on salary leave rules, Medical benefits and vacation.


(c) Information with regard to the location of rest room, lunchroom, toilets, reading room and dispensaries.

(d) Relationship between executives.

(e) The policies of the organization.

(f) Laying standards for the job to be accomplished.

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