State in brief the processes of management


Management is a process by which responsible persons in the organization get things done through others. The aim of management is to guide and direct certain group activity. The processes of management are the practical applications of management theories in a systematized manner. These processes of management are:

(a) Planning—Planning is one of the corner stone on which the success of an enterprise depends. It is a conscious determination of future courses of action.

(b) Organizing- Organization denotes the framework of duties and responsibilities through which an undertaking works.


(c) Coordinating—the orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action for the attainment of common objective is called coordinating. It gives emphasis on balancing, liming and integration.

(d) Controlling—the continuous process of measuring the results of operation of an organization in relation to predetermined objective is called controlling.

(e) Motivation—it means inspiring the desire of the people to work for the attainment of the objective of the organization.


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